Website Design

Is your Business contemplating an online presence?  More and more Business is being conducted over the internet these days and that number is always on the increase.

So where do you start?  Do you try and build a website for free or do you get the experts in?  Some people see having a website as a quick and easy fix to their lack of online presence, creating something quick and easy to fill that void.  Others, however, see it as a long term investment, a marketing tool, the “shop window” of their online Business.

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The decision needs to be made about you what you want your website to achieve before you start thinking about your content.  This is the most important decision to make as this will then give you a better idea of what you want your website to portray.  Once you have made this decision you can then start planning the content.

SEO is also another important factor in your website. do you want something that will be “image rich” or more focused on text content.  Creating an image rich site could have a negative impact on SEO as getting your website keywords in is important.  Whilst creating a content based site is also a challenge as you don’t want to scare people off with the volume of content.  Short, punctual & interesting paragraphs with your key phrases are important.

Once your website is built you may want to think about marketin, one mistake many people make is that they think their website is built and that is “Job Done” and they need to do nothing else, WRONG!

If your website stays static you will find you will lose visitors, keeping your site up to date & marketing it will help propel you up the rankings.  Do you want to look at PPC marketing? Paid Traffic? SEO services? All have their benefits and although they cost, you will find they help keep your site up near the top of Google, provide you with website visitors and inevitably make your website more valuable.

There are so many things to think about when creating a website, more than most people initially think about, so before you dive in head first, take some time to try and establish what you want to achieve with your website.   Will it simply be a reference point for people to find your content information or will it be your online “Shop Window”. That decision is up to you.

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